During the weekends at Kidzone, consider bringing your family to our Weekend Playdate, a place where adults & their children can immerse themselves in enjoyable, creative activities that will help bring your family closer together. If your family is sometimes busy on the weekends, no need to worry: you can pay as you go, without having to worry about missing classes when you & your child can’t make it.
Come to our Weekend Playdate, and discover for yourself! On weekends, you will have a choice of refreshments at Kidzone’s drink bar, which you can enjoy in our beautiful garden. Our Weekend Playdate will be truly enjoyable for the whole family!
Pottery Class

Lớp học làm gốm

Playing with clay is a creative and fun activity not only for children, but also for adults. Come to Kidzone on weekends, and you can explore your own creativity in our pottery class.
Our pottery class is led by pottery experts, and is intended for learners of all ages. Learners will have the chance to make their own works with their own hands, which, if you wish, can be baked in a kiln to be a take home product.

Science Discovery Class

lớp Khám phá khoa học

Does your child dream of becoming a little scientist? Help your child realize their dreams at Kidzone’s Weekend Playdate. By participating in Science Discovery Classes, children at Kidzone will have the chance to take part in the process of making paper, learn with their own hands how to make soap, or simply learn why a whole orange floats but a peeled orange sinks.
These are more fascinating things are waiting for your child at Kidzone’s Science Discovery Class!
Dance &Music Class

lớp Dance&Music Class

Every child loves music and dance. At Kidzone, children will be able to participate in exciting dance classes led by professional dance instructors from overseas. Classes appropriate for ages 3-12.
Participating in this class will teach your child about more than just dance moves and music lessons. A dance class is an opportunity for your child to improve their ability to interact with others and develop their self-confidence… and of course it’s also great fun.
Nghệ thuật & thủ công/ Art &Craft

lớp học Art &Craft

At Kidzone’s Arts & Crafts Class you & your child will:
–  Study the art of drawing, for all levels from beginner to advanced, to discover the hidden talent for illustrating that everyone possesses
–   Participate in handicrafts classes to create incredibly cute, handmade crafts
–   Enjoy playing with colors & different art materials
Cooking Class

Three children having fun in the kitchen

Do you know that young children really love to make their own food? Let your child express their talent in the kitchen with Kidzone’s weekend cooking classes. Your child will be able to show you how to bake a cake, cook simple but delicious dishes, and best of all you will have “spoils” to take home and show off to the whole family!

Học Phí Sân Chơi Cuối Tuần

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