-   Because you need a truly safe environment for your child.
-   Because you know that the care your child receives in the first years of their life are of utmost importance to their later education, and because you want your child to develop their intellect to the best of their ability.
-   Because you understand that the most important thing in your child’s life is play, and through play your child will discover the world for themselves
-   Because you don’t want your child to just be looked after in a closed room; you want your child to have the chance to run barefoot on the grass, hear birdsong, and be immersed in nature.
-  Because you understand that early childhood education requires a delicate balance between play and study, with diverse activities to excite your child’s curiosity & hold their attention.
-   Because you know that a good learning environment for your child won’t just help them gain kilos, but gain IQ and EQ as well.
-   Because you want to find a place where your child will be treated like a little member of the community, so that your child will gain the confidence to interact with people everywhere.
-   Because you want your child to be as happy, creative, curious, and excited to learn as they can be.
If you are looking for a school that meets all the needs above, then Kidzone is the school for you & your child.

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