Children are active learners who learn best from activities that they plan, carry out, and reflect on.
-   Kidzones applies The HighScope early childhood education method (USA), one of the most modern education methods in the world. According to some statistics, 70% children who follow the Highscope education method have an IQ of over 90 at the age of 5. The HighScope curriculum emphasizes active participatory learning. Children construct their own knowledge through interactions with the world and the people around them. In active learning settings, adults expand children's thinking with diverse materials and nurturing interactions.
-   At Kidzone, applying the Highscope education method means teachers and caregivers observe & focus on children's strengths; then offer them support and encouragement to develop the child’s talents. Therefore, children gain and improve through playing.
-   It’s been proven that learning a second language at the young age can benefits a child’s ability to learn and to think. Like Elaine Schneider expressed: “A child’s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs all the information and knowledge around them like the sponge “sucks up” all the water around it. The earlier a language is introduced to a child, the faster and easier she/he “absorbs” it. Remember, a child’s senses are super active because they are still pure, so they can imitate the accent more accurately. Language should be introduced before the age of 6 or 7. It’s always better to learn early.
-   At Kidzone, we offer a bilingual environment where English and Vietnamese are spoken frequently. Therefore, children have opportunities to develop their English skills in the early years of their life. Communicating with native English teachers daily helps them to have an accurate accent, faster reaction and most importantly, the habit of speaking English.
-   Besides developing your child’s cognitive readiness, we also focus on encouraging them to expand their interest in arts and completing their social and emotional development. Kidzone is where children receive the most support throughout their  early development; and are encouraged to appreciate the beauty of art and life, along with life skills
-   At Kidzone, children are taught to love and embrace nature. This love is not just about appreciating the beauty of nature but also to protect it every day by reducing, reusing, recycling (for example, making arts and crafts from trash) and growing a green environment.
-   Our aim is to have healthy and happy children. That is why we provide a safe & friendly learning environment. Safety is our primary concern. Classrooms are gradually cleaned. Instead of commercial cleaning products (which may contain chemicals & toxic substances), we use plants from our own garden to create aromas and natural insect repellent.
-   Nutritious and kid friendly menu including healthy dishes using fresh and natural ingredients freshly cooked every day from Kidzone’s kitchen will keep your child healthy and energized.

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