Children develop best in an environment which is friendly, safe, and close to nature. Kidzone is such an environment.
At Kidzone, children have a large, outdoor environment with a playground, sandbox, slide, and swings; a water play area; paintings; and a garden where children can take care of and thereby learn about nature.

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Indoors, children at Kidzone have playrooms for different age groups (6 month-olds – 3 year-olds, and from ages 3-6) with learning aids and age-appropriate toys, in accordance with HighScope’s curriculum. When they step into our playrooms, children will be able to discover and learn by playing with the support of their teachers.

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All of our classrooms and playrooms are bright, temperature-controlled and completely safe. Moreover, we provide high-quality books so that your child can discover the world through reading and develop their love of reading.

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Our kitchen is safe & sanitary. The dining room is large and well-decorated. This is also a place where your children will have the opportunity to cook with their child-proof & child-sized cooking equipment.

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A safe location, filled with nature, will help your child to love & feel a real connection with their school, their home away from home.

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