Kidzone Handmade Bazaar – The annual festival of Kidzone is set to return, opening up an adorable and creative world filled with the interesting creations of Kidzoners over the past academic year. With the aim of providing a fun playground for children, Kidzone hopes the event will receive the support of many parents.

The Kidzone Handmade Bazaar will take place at Kidzone.Inter Campus 2 (40/11 (lane 35) Nguyen Van Huong, District 2), from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM on January 13, 2024. The event promises to be a joyful, colorful festival for children with unique handmade booths crafted by Kidzone students themselves, with proceeds going towards charitable fundraising.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore beautiful hand-painted stones, cleverly embroidered fabric bags, fresh and vibrant felt flowers, intelligent wooden toys for children, soft and fragrant herbal pillows, cute embroidered linen hats, lovely accessories, and countless “limited edition” items exclusive to Kidzone Handmade Bazaar.

In addition to the handmade booths, each Kidzone campus will also have its own food stall, serving light snacks and refreshments for parents and children. Moreover, Kidzoners can participate in various fun activities such as stone painting, balancing stone stacking, playing model trains on rails, and more.

This year, alongside the Kidzone student booths, the school encourages parents to join some booths in order to add more diversity to the festival and contribute to the charity fund. This could include book stalls, “secondhand” toy stalls, food stalls, allowing children to directly experience selling while showcasing parents’ talents during this event.

To join Kidzone Handmade Bazaar with Kidzone students, parents are invited to contact the office for more details. Parents are requested to register by December 26 for booth arrangements. We hope together we can bring an impressive and meaningful festival to the children.

Kidzone appreciates the continuous support and companionship of parents in creating an interactive and humane learning environment for children.