In the warm and loving atmosphere of the year-end season, Kidzone accompanies Ha Vang – Golden Summer Fashion Co., Ltd. to implement the program OLD SHOES – NEW JOURNEY to donate Old shoes and share with children and people in Central provinces. Many families there were already experiencing from COVID 19, a series of storms and floods have made life more difficult.

The project calls for the donation of 1,500 pair of old shoes to the students of Long Son Primary School as well as families in Truong Son commune – Quang Ninh District – Quang Binh Province. We will be collecting from 16 Nov– 30 Dec 2020.

For the program to be successful and bring warm shoes to children in the Central region for this Christmas, Kidzone hopes to receive the enthusiastic support of all the teachers and parents participating in the program. There is a Donation Box at each Kidzone Campus to receive old shoes from students, parents, teachers and Kidzone staff. All these shoes will be transported to Golden Summer company and will be cleaned, sorted and packaged by its staff volunteers. “OLD SHOES – NEW JOURNEY 2020” will deliver donated shoes to children and families in Central provinces. The program not only receives old kids’ shoes but also old shoes of adults.

Giving old shoes as well as other volunteer activities that Kidzone organizes annually are small lessons for our children about compassion and how to share with unlucky lives around us. Kidzone teachers really want to teach to students these important lessons. We believe that Kidzoners have chance to practice about compassion through “Old Shoes – New Journey” program.

Let’s all join hands with us to pay attention, share and support the people of Central Vietnam, as we hope for a more peaceful and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your cooperation.