Educational Program for Kidzone bilingual class are designed based strictly on HighScope approach, from learning activities, playing activities as well as criteria for children observation and evaluation.


What makes Kidzone bilingual classes stand out from others:


Opportunities for communication in English are maximized




Each Kidzone Bilingual class is in charge by one foreign head teacher, two teaching assistants and one native English teacher. Children get so many opportunities to communicate in English with their teacher during the day. The head teacher is not only joining them in learning and playing activities but in their sleeping time, meal time and other skill time such as hand washing, plant watering, table setting….


Learning English vs. Playing English Environment


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English teachers who own rich experiences in teaching very young kids will bring to them exciting learning and playing time. Each room is equipped a special art wall where children and the teacher can interact with each other by pictures and colors. The learning environment is not limited in a class but at the playground, in the garden where children easily and independently interact with their teacher through a series of nature-toward activities.


A rich and abundant system of English stories and poem books



HighScope educators believe learning to read and write is a developmental process that begins at birth and builds on children's basic need to communicate. In Kidzone bilingual classrooms, children develop literacy skills by engaging in meaningful reading and writing experiences, and they become readers and writers through a unique combination of child-initiated learning and teacher-guided instruction. The system of English story book and poems are chosen carefully and well-matched with different ages.


Learning Math in English




Early mathematics learning is currently receiving the attention and educators are realizing that the thinking and reasoning that underlie mathematics are critical for learning other areas. There is a growing awareness that mathematics in the early years is much more than numbers and rote counting. Exploring shapes is the beginning of geometry, asking “how many” is measurement, exploring patterns is algebra, and collecting information to answer everyday questions is practical data analysis. When being involved in mathematic through their own daily activities in Kidzone Bilingual classrooms, kids enjoy and are eager to learn mathematics.


New project every month



With the viewpoint “children learn best through play”, and for children who always say, “Why?” and “How?” and “Show me more,” the project-based approach at Kidzone will give their natural curiosity wings. Our project-based programs are designed to allow children to learn independently through exploration and experimentation, with a healthy dose of collaboration. Each project is typically carried out in phases: discussing – field work – summarizing. Project topics draw children’s attention to questions such as: How do things work? What do people do? What tools do people use?”. Materials for each project topics are chosen based on three criteria: safety, richness and environmental friendliness.

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